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Peace or Piece?

The failure of the innumerable “peace processes” of the “Israel”/Palestine conflict has been due to only one factor. The failure to discuss the only problem that the conflict has caused, dispossession.

The Zionist argument is simple. Their claim to Palestine and right to dispossess its inhabitants since 1917 is based on a fairy tale told by their Ashkenazi parents and grand-parents that their people, mostly East European, originally lived in Palestine and were themselves dispossessed by the Roman Empire 2000 years ago.
Of cause there is no historical or genetic evidence anywhere to prove that Slavs and Germans lived in Palestine 2000 years ago, let alone had a Kingdom. If there were any, they were either Roman slaves or conscripts serving in the Roman legions, none of whom practiced Rabbinical Judaism.
Therefore, in the absence of historical and genetic evidence, what else could there be? The bible?
Unfortunately, this is more real than most would like to admit.

It is true in recent years with the growth of Christian fundamentalism and its unholy alliance with Zionism, there has been a two pronged approach when dealing with Palestine.
Christians have suddenly discovered that their god jesus was a practicing jew! And that Palestine was “promised” by this triune god to his “chosen people”, atheists from the Russian Empire.

From the Zionist affiliated rabbinical Jewish side which totally rejects a triune god as rubbish, Deuteronomy 6:4 makes that very clear, they have come to brainwash their followers, almost all Ashkenazi from Eastern Europe, that their “ancestors” made ‘Jerusalem their capital when London was a swamp’. They ruled an area of Palestine as the kingdom of Israel and then the divided kingdom of Judea and Samaria and the reason they are called “jews” is that they are from Judea!

Sounds familiar? Of cause, we all grew up watching the ‘Ten Commandants’ or the jesus god committing suicide at Easter. (“The passion event” being the more popular lingua since Mel Gibson)
But what does any of these stories have to do with modern refugees dispossessed of their homes and land in Palestine since 1947?
The brain would say absolutely nothing but we are not dealing with logic here, we are dealing with a disease.
The disease is deep and strong but there is a cure, it is just getting people to take it that is difficult.

History tells us that the Roman Empire arrived in Palestine in 63BCE, annexing the area. The ruler of Palestine at the time was Judah Aristobullus II, he was replaced by his brother John Hyrcanus II.
The problem we have here is very simple. These are not “Modern Hebrew” names. This is Greek.
You see, the Hasmonean dynasty, which these two belong were a mix breed of Philistines, Persians and Greeks who lived in Palestine after Alexander the Great conquered the area from the Persian Empire in 333BCE.

The religion they belonged to was not Rabbinical Judaism but rather an amalgamation of mostly Persian and Canaanite paganism.
The popular god name’s used by Zionist “jews” and evangelical magicians, such as Yahweh, El, Shadai were common pagan god names used by the Philistines and Phoenicians, from which the Philistines are a branch. The Baal/Yahweh god is an inscription found on tombs dated to this period, the two more popular gods of the time (100BCE-100CE). Although it must be noted that Baal remained the absolute popular of all the gods worshiped in Palestine from at least the 15th century BCE.

Famous Zoroastrian festivals still practiced by small numbers of believers in Iran can be found more commonly in Rabbinical Judaism today. Passover and the entire “Hebrew calendar” has more to do with Iran than “Israel”.
Babylonian and the amalgamated Persian culture influenced the entire region they ruled, including Palestine.
The Persian god Mithras for example did not only find its way to India but became popular even with the Romans, being totally amalgamated into the jesus god character that Christians hold so dear today.
The current form of Judaism, being rabbinical is no different. A couple changes here and there never hurt anyone right, especially when you know nothing about it.

What we have in Palestine in 63 BCE is an amalgamation of people, the so-called “jews” being nothing more than “turned over” Persian and Greek Philistines who more of less did something different and worshiped a singular god (an extreme minority) as opposed to a dual, triune or in most cases polytheistic god.

If anyone bothered to read the books of Maccabees, you would understand the conflict between those who embraced the New Greek culture as opposed to the traditional Philistine one (being mostly Persian in nature).
Of cause now, you are confused, Philistine? Were they not wiped out with that guy Goliath?
Well we’ve seen the movie but I would rather suggest a trip to the Israel National Museum, where you would find artefact after artefact of Philistine culture in Palestine well up to the Roman period.
Nope, it was Philistine all day, every day. The Roman Empire even changed its name back to its rightful claim, Palestine in 137CE.
One Semitic tribe overrunning another Semitic tribe in Palestine does not make them less Semitic but it certainly does not make them Polish.
Breeding Persian with Philistine or Greek with Persian or Philistine with Greek or even some Egyptian still does not make a Russian and even less a Russian jew.

The huge array of culture and religion that infused Palestine in 100BCE, Egyptian, Greek, Persian and Roman eventually gave rise to the current form of Rabbinical Judaism and Christianity (pre-reformation) we have today.
Egyptian, Babylonian and Persian cults forming almost every facet of the Rabbinical Jewish religion and Greek, Roman and major elements Egyptian and Persian paganism forming the basis of Christianity.

Yet, Polish Ashkenazi “jews” still claim today that their ancestors lived in Palestine and that a Slav by the name of “King David” established a “kingdom” called “Israel” and made “Jerusalem” its capital?
More recently with the help and brainwashing of evangelical magicians, Christians in larger numbers have also come to believe this stupid lie, along with the fact that the universe is 6000 years old.

The problem and the solution to the “jewish” question, what is a jew? Is fairly simple. If you know Persian culture and religion (Zoroastrian) then you have found the foundation of Rabbinical Judaism. Everything practiced and celebrated is there, only by another name.
The more modern forms of Quasi-Judaism, such as Kabbalah is a 50/50 split between Sufism and Zoroastrianism and its baby Gnosticism.

No ancestral links to Palestine, genetic evidence has seen to that and zero historical links to Palestine.
Then what are these Slavs and Germanics doing there? We will discuss that in my next entry…

What is the solution to Palestine? Simple… allow all Arab refugees their right of return or compensation, to their homes and allow everyone who lives in the area between the ‘river and the sea’ the right to vote for this new state. This ends the conflict from the Arab side.
Allow or compensate all Sephardic and Mizrahi to return to their homes which they fled in Arab countries during and after the war of 1947-1949.
This ends the conflict between Rabbinical Judaism and Islam, which started in 1917.
The new State of Palestine will then have to decide what needs to be done with all the imported Ashkenazi colonialists who arrived from Europe, North America and Russia since 1917, complements of the World Zionist Organisation.
Most will voluntarily leave on their dual citizenship, the rest should have the right to remain and contribute to the State of Palestine.
Case closed.

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