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Deconstructing a goat or the same old, new Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

This blog entry was written in response to a believer in Zionist fascism I came across on Twitter , unfortunately like most fascist believers it is difficult to grasp reality due to intense indoctrination. There have been success stories but unfortunately, for most they remain lost, even after the end.

The diatribe of trash he wrote on his blog only proved he was just another silly victim of poor fascist Zionist propaganda.
In fact, Goebbels said, “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it”. How true.
This kind of thinking is kindergarten at best. It is not worth the time but I do it for others who might come across this trash and somehow believe this poorly plagiarised propaganda.

REALITY will kill and now I’m happy to slaughter the stupid goat.

Point one: fascists keep repeating the phrase like a mantra, in fact, all of television has been doing the same for the past several years, trying to make it mainstream, “A Jewish state for a Jewish people”.
Question one: what is a jew?

The fascist brain of cause tells you the bedtime story, partly inspired by Charlton Heston climbing a foam mountain in a basement studio in Hollywood, booming voice, flashes of light and fake lightning writing “Hebrew” letters on Styrofoam. Is that a jew?

The goat claims that the British Empire promised the “Jewish people” in Palestine a national home in 1917?
What “Jewish” people in Palestine?

The Belfour declaration was addressed to Lord Rothschild.
In more civilized English, the British Empire would “favour” in exchange for lots of money, a “Jewish” homeland in Palestine.

You see, this was not the first attempt at a “Jewish” homeland by the British Empire. The Rothschild family had been bankrolling the British Empire for some time, in particular during the Napoleonic Wars.
As the “Jewish” national movement became more fascist at the creation of Zionism, they began demanding one.
The British Empire, trying to appease its financial masters begun a very serious plan to dump “Jews” in Uganda (1903). Yes! British East Africa was going to be the “democratic, Jewish state for the Jewish people”.
Fascists, believing the nonsense they do, would have made all the same pathetic arguments, same pathetic excuses and continued to insist, that Uganda was the real home for Russian atheists, no matter what or who.
After heated debate, the world Zionist organisation voted on the motion, 295 rejected and 177 accepted. Uganda, vote, not “divine promise” was not to be “Israel”. The offer was declined in 1905.

In fact, it was the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl who favoured Argentina (and Palestine) from his own publication in 1896 (Der Judenstaat).
Argentina being out of bound, Palestine being out of bound, the British Empire offered what it could and they rejected Uganda.
Even as late as 1940, the poor British fools were still trying to appease the Rothschild’s by proposing British Guiana as the “Jewish state”. However, Palestine was to be the staging ground for what must be the most elaborate lie ever.
Let me show you how they did it.

World War 1.
Money… money makes wars; money breaks wars and the British Empire needed money to break the stalemate. To ensure support, the Belfour declaration was made, Promising Lord Rothschild that the British Empire would (finally) acquiesce to their demands of a “Jewish” state in Palestine.
Of cause back in Palestine, there were no “Jews”. According to the most exaggerated statistics, the total population of the area to become the Palestine mandate was about 800,000. 90-95% Muslim, 5-8% “Jewish” but about 99% Semitic Arab.

You see reality is a lovely thing, because when we do genetic testing, in other words to find out where peoples ancestral genes come from. We find that 87% of all “Jews” on Planet Earth today, belong to a Central or East European haplogroup (Ashkenazi) and not Semitic. The other 13% (Mizrahi and Sephardic) are primarily Semitic Arab or Berber or Persians or whatever else people decided to convert to Rabbinical Judaism over the years.

THERE WAS NO “JEWISH” PEOPLE FOR A “JEWISH HOMELAND”. In the same way that there was no Aryan race, it does not mean the Germans did not conquer 80% of Europe! (For a while).
Balfour wanted money, just as Lord Wellington before the battle of Talavera (1809) and he knew where to beg for it! Rothschild.

How to solve the problem of demographics has been a game played in Palestine from the very beginning. To have any kind of legitimacy, the Zionist fascists had to import as many cattle as they could find.
Boosting the numbers was priority. The British Empire assisted, even though sluggishly, that by 1947 the “Jewish” population had gone from 5% in 1917 to 30% in 1947. Of cause it did not matter that 97% of that “30%” was not even born in Palestine, it was the idea that mattered.

The stupid suggestion that Jordan is the real Palestine was a brain dead propaganda campaign launched by evangelical magicians and Zionists in the 1970’s. it was dead on arrival, except for some poor lost fascist orientated souls.
The subdivision of the near east, played by the French and the British was arbitrary. As with Africa, the political boundaries meant nothing as all the people being divided were Arabs. There is no difference between Arabs on the east bank or west bank of the Jordan river. The idea was separation, to create a fake “jewish” state with no “jews” on the west bank of the Jordan river.

The silly maps fascists display trying to prove “Trans-Jordan” as being the intended Arab state are classic Zionist propaganda tools to fool people to believing that somehow, over the rainbow, there is a “jewish” people in Palestine. The Belfour declaration itself makes provision that the INDIGENOUS population of Palestine be protected. The planned ethnic cleansing by the Zionists, which continues to this day, is to get rid of the indigenous population and create enough lebensraum for its fake imported believers.

November 29 1947: the UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY (which “Israel” rejects as worthless and whose resolutions are not to be implemented or recognized) votes to partition Palestine into a “jewish” and Arab state.
60% of the land to “jews” (who make up 30% of the population, of which 97% are not born in Palestine but imported) and 40% of the land to Arabs (who make up 70% of the population).

Russians, Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Lithuanians, Polish, Ukrainian ALL claim the Arabs were unfair and unjust in rejecting this plan to give 60% of Arab Palestine to them, and should never had gone to war in 1947-1949 to try and reclaim it.
I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Both would be out of sheer mindboggling buffoonery.

Strangely enough, general assembly resolution 181 (non-binding) IS THE ONLY RESOLUTION THAT “ISRAEL” ACCEPTS. Rejecting ALL others as rubbish.
The joke of UNGA181 though is that, although 75% of Arabs would have been in the Arab state of Palestine, the “Jewish” state would have an Arab population of 40%. Which would mean, the “Jewish” state would have been breed out of existence by 1958. Fascists were not stupid people, Nazi Germany did not become the most powerful state in Europe in 6 years because they were stupid.

Zionists ensured ethnic cleansing, systematically depopulating vast areas of Palestine and destroying Arab villages during the war. Ensuring a “jewish” state of 90% by 1949. Almost 1,000,000 (one million) Arabs became refugees.

The policy of demographics, which is the only tool for Zionists to survive, continues. ALL UN resolutions, including UNGA194, which was conditional for “Israel’s” entry into the UN, calls for the return of the refugees to their homes. “Israel” rejects this, claiming the absence of a “peace” with its neighbours negates this obligation.
This mantra has changed though, as “peace” became an option after 1993, the fascists change it to the fact that the “Jewishness” of the state would be threatened by this return.


To know history is to know reality. To know fascist history, is to know, as Nazi youth did, that their people were a master race, descended from an ice planet.
Reality is simple, no matter how many fairy tales you spin, no amount of Russian or Polish semen or ovaries will make you Semitic.
When the Arab Palestinian refugees and their descendants return to their homes and the Ashkenazi return to their east European countries of origin, the conflict will end.
As long as the colony continues, as the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem did for 88 years, as fascist South Africa did for 100 years, there will never be peace, but be rest assured, it will end.

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